Your car buying service

Launch your own car buying service in a matter of days

End-to-end Solution

Remarq has everything you need to launch your own car buying service.

We have all the building blocks ready-to-go, including a website, valuations, CRM and even logistics.

Our modular solution is designed to work alongside your existing systems, requiring no development by your IT team.

  • Car buying website

  • Mobile appraisal app

  • Valuation engine

  • Lead CRM

White Labelling

Our sophisticated car buying tool gives us the ability to “white label” the service to the look and feel of your brand gives us the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs and preferences.  We can seamlessly integrate the service into your website, creating a consistent and branded experience for your users.

Appraisal App

You can use your own appraisal app, or use Remarq’s own fully featured uInspect mobile appraisal app. uInspect allows owners to appraise their own vehicles on their phone or tablet, no installation required. The appraisal app can be configured by you to guide owners around their vehicles in whatever way you wish.

Valuation Tool

reValu by Remarq is a customisable valuation tool that allows the car buying service to offer fair and accurate pricing for vehicles, based on the unique characteristics and condition of each car. This tool can be adapted to add weighting factors for make, model, mileage, age, condition, and features to suit your stock profile and what vehicles you have greater demand for.

Lead CRM

uCRM by Remarq is an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system tailored to the automotive industry. In the context of the car buying service uCRM allows you to efficiently manage and track customer interactions, from initial enquiries to final transactions. This system includes features such as lead tracking, customer history, and communication tools to ensure that the car buying service can provide a seamless and personalised experience for each customer.

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