Remarqable Automotive Products

for dealers, OEMs and fleet

Retail Solutions

The rapid progress of technology continually transforms the automotive retail industry. Remarq offers versatile, integrated solutions to help retailers adapt and secure their future.

Collaborating with independent dealers and global franchises, we tailor our offerings to meet your needs, whether it’s cutting-edge e-commerce, car-buying, or vehicle remarketing strategies.

OEM Solutions

Scalable Solutions Strengthened by Top-Tier Remarq Capabilities

Using a modular approach, we work with OEMs to create the perfect mix of digital retail solutions for complex needs. Whether integrating our advanced appraisal technology into your platform or extending Remarq remarketing products, we act as part of your OEM team.

Fleet Solutions

Assisting Fleet Providers with Advanced Inventory and Asset Risk Management

Whether your fleet comprises courtesy cars, rental vehicles, or workforce transportation, our tools offer exceptional flexibility and include numerous integration possibilities. This enables us to tailor a solution that fits your requirements perfectly.

Remarq Core
reValu valuations
Remarq Core
uInspect appraisals
Remarq Core
trading platform
Remarq Core
uCRM platform

Intelligent by design

The adaptable and modular design of our platform, built upon the advanced Remarq Core system, allows you to select only the essential products for integration with your existing systems. This customization focuses on the features that directly benefit your unique requirements while maintaining a streamlined approach.

Each product within the suite is designed for seamless compatibility, ensuring that they work together effortlessly, regardless of the combination you select. This interconnected nature simplifies the integration process and optimizes overall functionality.